fabio morgera /
need for peace


Fabio Morgera / Need For Peace / Smalls SRCD-0025

1 Si Fa Sera 5:48
2 Another Planet 5:16
3 East River 7:20
4 Retrato Em Branco E Preto (Jobim) 1:30
5 Thanks To Art 5:32
6 Ti Fidi? 5:29
7 Skylark (Carmichael) 4:52
8 Emergency 4:56
9 Need For Peace 3:22
10 Valzerino 4:23
11 Love At First Site 3:55
12 Just Believe 4:20
13 Friday The 13th (Don’t Even!) (Monk/Griffiths) 4:09
14 Apulia 4:53
15 Accanto A Te 5:02
16 All Alone 5:17

Total Time – 76:31

Fabio Morgera: trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, vocals on #15
Jason Jackson: trombone on #2-5-8
Joe Ashlar: piano, keyboards on #3-5
Joseph Lepore: bass
Gregg August: bass on # 1-2-8
Bruce Cox: drums

Krystle Warren: vocals on #3-7
Antonio Barbagallo: vocals on #1-6
Miles Griffith: vocals on #3-12-13

All compositions by Fabio Morgera except
#4 by A.C.Jobim,
#7 by Carmichael-Mercer,
#13 by M.Griffith/T.Monk

Available soon!

Si fa sera
dille se l'ami
se temi i rari sorrisi di lei
dille di si', l'ami

I first wrote the lyrics of this tune, the Italian words are made up of syllables from the "movable Do solfege," which has, besides the 7 notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La and Ti, also the sharps (Di, Ri, Fi, Si, Li) and flats ( Ra, Me, Se, Le, Te). As I proceeded writing it I made sure it had a good melodic sense, then I added the harmony. I like to think that half of this tune's beauty is purely random. I love Antonio's voice, which matches the "smoky" atmosphere perfectly.


This tune represents a temporary escape from this sad world, a serene dimension that rather suits another planet, whose inhabitants have already found the secret of happiness: respect of nature and of mankind.


Rivers flowing towards the sea
Through the course of life, to infinity.
Slowly spending every moment here and now
We flow down, downstream.
Gentle waves reflecting the sunlight
These are times of joy and of loving care
While we're living we are not aware, not then,
So later don't despair, let your river flow.

Reflections on the flowing of time and life looking at the East River of New York. I thank Krystle Warren and Miles Griffith for the superlative interpretation!


A Jobim classic and homage to my first influences, Chet Baker and Enrico Rava who have performed it masterfully.


One more homage to the style of Art Blakey with a slightly more contemporary sound. Jason Jackson on trombone was necessary for it to succeed! And Joe Ashlar on piano and synth in real time is excellent as always... And then go Bruce!!

Se mi do'
ti fidi?
mi lasci, ti lasci sola
fatti di sola terra
lei fa, disfa facile
tesori di isole lascerai.

This song uses the solfege as explained for Si Fa Sera, same pensive atmosphere... (www.antoniobarbagallo.com , check it out!)


Skylark, have you anything to say to me?
Won't you tell me where my love may be?
Is there a meadow in the mist
where someone's waiting to be kissed?

Skylark, have you seen a valley green with spring
where my heart can go a journeying
is there a meadow in the rain
in a blossom covered lane?

In your lonely flight haven’t you heard the music
In the night,? Wonderful music,
Faint as a will-o'-the-wisp, crazy as a loon,
sad as a gypsy serenading the moon.

Oh, skylark, I don't know
if you can find these things,
but my heart is riding on your wings.
So if you see them anywhere
won't you take me there?

A Carmichael-Mercer classic re-harmonized and superbly interpreted by Krystle Warren. Nice bowed bass by Joseph.


Dedicated to the desperate situation our planet is facing and to those who are doing something to save it, like Gino Strada's pacifist organization.


We need peace among men and in everyone's heart.


An Italian flavored jazz waltz...


A smile thinking of the innumerable love stories born through the Internet!
Dedicated to Nobbie Tiamzon.


When I was younger all my dreams
Seemed so far away to reach
Sometimes I felt in despair
I thought the world was not being fair,
The trials that I went through made me so blue...
But now I realize I should've trusted life all the way,
Because dreams are coming true at last
Despite the doubts of the past
Your destiny does not leave
So just believe.

A song about the certainty that the destiny of dreams is to come true, although only through a constant struggle — a certainty that comes with maturity, because when we are young we are still easily discouraged.

Friday The 13 (Don’t Even!) Monk/Griffith

Don¹t even make a mistake,
'Cause urban legends try to fool you into a mental state.
You twist and turned with ideas,
Not focused on the positive inside you love for years.
Somehow you’ll shout it out,
Then peace will enter in your soul and then you’ll figure it out.
It’s just a day in the week,
Don’t try to run or hide be strong accomplish all of your needs.
It’s just a number don’t whine,
’Cause thirteen is a lucky number for me all the time.
Don’t even make an excuse,
Of losing sight of all life’s treasures so go out and be loose.
Don’t even treat is as being,
A superstition put your light upon it go for your dreams.
The Funky beat here is fine,
It makes me dance around not thinking of the negative time.
I see a breath of sunshine,
You’re lighting up continue to absorb my positive rhyme.
I say now keep this in mind,
Thirteen is just a number so embrace it and you’ll be fine.
I say now keep this in mind now!

A peculiar tune by Thelonious Monk with original lyrics by Miles Griffith. We often happened to play it on that date!


Dedicated to my grandmother Antonia Leoni Davini and to her native land.


No, non fa per me
La solitudine non puo' bastare
Presto sarai tu a colorare i sogni miei...
Io non so che viso avrai o come apparirai
Ma so che tu verrai vicino a me.
Un dolce mattino
Accanto a te mi svegliero'.

I'm singing this song of mine, a song about everybody's hope to find the perfect match. Hoping to sound good enough after the professionals...


We close with this tune about perfect (and melancholic) solitude. Thanks for listening, peace!

--Fabio Morgera